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Serving: The Philadelphia 5 counties
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Custom Closet Design in Allentown, PA

Custom Closet Design
Custom Closet Design
Custom Closet Design
Custom Closet Design
Custom Closet Design
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Why Closet Works?


"For me Closet Works is a place where you can get choice, quality, valued service, and feel good as a result of the investment your making in the product."

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The Philadelphia 5 Counties
South & Central New Jersey

Serving the Philadelphia 5 Counties

Custom Closet Design in Allentown, PA

With ratings from 94-99% on Guild Quality, and trusted by hundreds of homeowners in the greater Philadelphia area, we’re proud to bring the highest quality of service to residents of Allentown that are searching for unique closet designs. Our materials and services are guaranteed to last a lifetime and are made with only an exceptional level of craftsmanship that puts our competitors to shame.

A Remarkable Closet Design Experience

Lots of homeowners are stressed when they realize that they have to redo their closets or wardrobes. The size of the closet, the materials used in it, and the functionality of it are all important. What a lot of people in Allentown don’t realize is that we are able to ease those burdens in our proven design process. Instead of trying to find the closet that suits you, we’ll send a professional designer with years of experience to work in your home and determine how we can help.

Our Proven Custom Closet Design Process

All you have to do is be in your home at the time of your consultation appointment, and speak with the designer when he or she asks you about your goals for your closet or wardrobe, as well as work with him or her to determine what type of materials are best suited for you and how you want your closet arrayed. Our designers begin the process that has earned excellent ratings from Guild Quality, Angie’s List, and Houzz.

Building Your Custom Closet in Allentown

The final step of our process is to plan and build the actual closet or wardrobe that our designer had worked with you to create. The plans are sent to our engineers that produce the finished product, and our installation team will schedule a good time to work in your home and install it. All of our field experts are trained to have a minute attention to detail and be absolutely sure not to damage any of the property in your home. After cleaning the area and allowing you to inspect the final product, our installation team will ask you how well it was performed, your signature, and be on their way.

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