7 Unique Storage Options That’ll Transform Your Closet

One of the biggest problems people have when they’re faced with limited closet storage is that, while pants, dresses, blouses and shirts might fit okay in your closet, it’s all the other stuff that’s hard to store. But when you choose a custom solution, there are suddenly ways to solve all of your storage needs, whether you’ve got space for a walk-in closet, a smaller reach-in closet or you’re opting for added storage by way of a wardrobe.

Check out these unique closet storage options.

closet with unique jewelry drawer storage options

1. Pull-out shoe shelves

These pull-out shoe shelves in a custom wardrobe are deep enough to fit two pairs of shoes—both for the current season and for later in the year. You can easily double up on shoe storage and, if you need to get that pair of heels or shoes in the back unexpectedly, you can easily pull out each shelf to get to an extra pair.

2. Lucite cubbies

These small accessory cubbies are the perfect size for belts, small clutch purses, wallets and scarves. The clear Lucite front makes it easy to see exactly where your evening purse is and helps you locate your belt while you’re getting ready in the morning. No more stuffing belts into your sock drawer or hanging them in your closet.

unique vertical pull open drawer in closet for belts

3. Hanging jewelry rack

Rather than using a makeshift jewelry rack, this velvet-lined jewelry hanger is part of a rollout accessory organizer. It safely stores and protects necklaces and keeps them from getting tangled, and the black velvet backing makes colors pop. You’ll never want to hang necklaces on a flimsy tree again.

4. Built-in scarf rack

If you’re accessory-happy like so many of us, you probably have many scarves—both for fashion and to help you keep warm during winter. Rather than tying them on hangers or trying a hanging rack that takes up precious hanging space in your closet, this built-in scarf rack keeps accessories organized and in view.

built in scarf rack

5. Pull-out tie drawer

Ties are the ultimate professional accessory for men, but storing them is a pain. If you wrap them around the hook of a hanger there’s a great chance they’ll slide off. And if your tie collection is big, many other storage options just won’t cut it. Cue the pull-out tie drawer, where you can neatly hang up to 160 ties, keeping them organized and crease-free.

pull out tie drawer

6. Pull-out drying rack

A rickety wooden or metal drying rack works fine for a pair of jeans that doesn’t go in the dryer. But for delicate sweaters or blouses that you hand wash, a typical collapsible rack leaves marks on the fabric. These cool pull-out drying racks allow your delicates to dry flat to avoid stretching, creases or marks.

pull out drying rack

7. Pull-out clothing shelves

Similar to the pull-out shoe shelves, these pull-out clothing shelves are the perfect width for sweaters, slacks and other folded clothes. Store what you’re wearing now up front and what you’ll wear next season in the back. The pull out shelf will make rotating your seasonal wardrobe quick and easy. It’s so much simpler than making a high stack of clothes on a lone closet shelf that’ll ultimately topple over.

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