Jill at Closet Works was incredible to work with! I met Jill as our new home was being built so she really helped me think through the design as the walls were going up. I had the builders re-design the master floor to create a bigger closet so I had upped the ante, and, there was no model home to walk through so it really took some imagination. Jill was superb from ideation to the littlest details. The result was absolutely amazing Both in design and function.

I then went back to Jill at CW for a gorgeous desk for the home office, Organization for the Office closet, foyer closet (no kids shoes in the hallway!), and laundry room. Next up is the garage! I have two kids, and a busy career. I want to arrive home to a beautiful, organized space. And now with covid as I barely leave the house, I can honestly say it was THE best investment. I should also add they are very cost competitive. I shopped around, got proposals from two other companies and I can tell you the price and quality are unmatched. If you have been dreaming of a new closet or looking for some way to address some pain points in your home (they do Murphy beds!) call Jill. I loved working with her.