The Top 5 Benefits of An Organized Garage

If you’ve ever looked around to see who’s outside before opening the garage door, you’re not alone. This part of the house collects everything from toys and sports equipment to tools and garden supplies—some of which probably haven’t been used in years. Fortunately, garage storage solutions change everything. When you’re finished organizing, you might even have room inside for your car!

Here’s How An Organized Garage Will Help

Brother and sister organizing and decluttering their garage

1. The Whole Garage Looks Cleaner and More Spacious

Yours isn’t the only home on the block with a messy garage. It makes sense, really—the space is merely a pass-through from your car (if you’re lucky and you’ve got room for it) to your house, and a place to keep outdoor equipment. So its tidiness (or lack thereof) doesn’t affect your lifestyle as much as a messy house would. That’s a bad combination, but one that’s easy to remedy.

Clutter looks dirty no matter how many times you sweep the floor, and it can also attract creepy crawling critters such as bugs and mice! When you organize your garage, the whole space looks neat and stays dirt and bug-free.

If a tidy garage looks more spacious, that’s because it is. Stacks of boxes and loose items lying about take up more room than wall mounted storage systems, cabinets and shelves that take advantage of wall space and keep things off the floor.

Car parked in neatly organized custom garage

2. Expensive Things Stay Protected

For such a messy space, the garage certainly does hold some expensive things. Bicycles don’t come cheap, and neither do power tools or lawn and garden equipment. And then there’s the most expensive one: your vehicle.

With an organized garage, expensive things stay protected. Your car’s paint won’t get chipped from a bicycle falling against it, or from your kids “accidentally” riding their scooter, electric toy car or tricycle into it. During the process of organizing your garage, you’ll get rid of toys your kids have grown out of, and you’ll find a safe spot for what they still use.

Other tools, outdoor furniture and lawn equipment can be safely stored inside cabinets or on wall mounted storage accessories so they won’t fall off a shelf or land in a heap in the corner.

Motorcycle parked in clen and organized garage with custom cabinets

3. Dangerous Tools and Equipment Stay Safe

Garages also have some dangerous equipment that you want to keep safe from children’s prying eyes and little hands. Think about any gas or electric garden tools that you own, such as a chainsaw or hedge trimmer. Power tools, such as drills and circular saws also need safeguarding. Not to mention any fertilizers or rock salt that you store in this space.

Garage organization system with vertical cabinets

4. You Can Find Everything Easier

Remember the last time you looked for a Phillips head screwdriver, roll of duct tape or the cleaning attachments for your utility vacuum? In a messy garage, little things can hide in plain sight. When the space is tidy, things are just in plain sight.

Your storage options are almost limitless—small baskets, bins and hooks on a slat wall system, or cabinets and drawers as part of an organized workbench. That means less time spent looking for your things. You might even save money on duplicate items such as weed trimmer line, nails, tape and screws all because you can now find what you already have.

Organized garage cabinets with workbench area

5. Make Good Choices Simpler

Anyone can get organized. It’s staying organized that’s the bigger trick. When something is convenient, you’re more likely to do it. That applies to practically everything from hanging up your coat and sorting the mail to putting things away in the garage.

Convenient storage encourages kids to put their toys away instead of tossing them on the garage floor, and makes it easier for you to put the drill back in its spot and set all of the vacuum tools on the shelf where they belong.

In many homes, warm weather makes the garage practically a revolving door. Kids run in and out grabbing bikes and balls, and you’ll spend weekends working on projects and probably washing the car. Wouldn’t it be great to open the door and not worry about what the neighbors might think? Much more important, imagine a space where everything has a place, and there’s room left over for a vehicle or two.

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