The Top Apps to Help You Organize Your Life

Our phones may be the best way to connect and share with our friends and family, but they can also help us stay organized. If you’re struggling to stay organized, make your digital sidekick work a little harder for you by investing in some of the best apps for organization. Believe me, no matter what level of organization you’re trying to achieve, there’s an app for that.

Here are the top apps to help you organize your life, save time and work a little bit smarter.

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Yes, an app can actually help you keep your closet organized. Stylebook helps you keep track of what’s in your wardrobe so you can get more use out of it. Here’s how it works: After you download the app, you can take pictures of all your clothes so you know what you have.

Then, you can organize pieces by type, create “looks,” add inspirational photos from blogs or your favorite store, create packing lists before you travel, track what you wear, save measurements and more. The app can help inspire you to create new looks with clothes you have and help you avoid buying items that are too similar.

Out of Milk

There’s nothing worse than returning from a trip to the grocery store and realizing you forgot just one thing. The Out of Milk app helps you avoid this disappointment by allowing you to organize your shopping list before you hit the grocery store.

You can create lists and even scan items you need to buy. The app also lets you share lists with family members so everyone can add their must-have kitchen and pantry items to your shopping list.

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Look in your wallet, your purse, your closet or on your kitchen counters. There are likely important receipts that you need to file for expense reports or your taxes. Scan and save receipts, submit expense reports and even track mileage with the Shoeboxed app. As part of your subscription (which ranges in price depending on how many documents you need to scan each month), you can also use their Magic Envelope service.

This time-saver gives you a pre-paid envelope to fill with receipts, bills, business cards and other forms that should be saved, drop it in the mail and it’ll be uploaded to your account, eliminating paper clutter that might sit on your kitchen counter or in your home office.


Stop carrying post-it notes and paper to-do lists in your wallet, purse or work bag forever with Evernote. This life-changing app works across your smartphone, tablet and computer to help you take notes, create to-do lists, organize projects and share your work.

Beyond just typing to-do lists and notes, you can also organize sketches, photo, audio, video, PDFs and clips from the web. You can also share notes and chat with friends, relatives and co-workers about your projects.

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Pinterest is a visual organization network where you can find and share inspiration for things such as decorating, party planning, recipes, getting in shape and more. Create boards and add inspiration pins to help you decorate your home, cook more often, organize your closet and more.

There are endless ways to use Pinterest—just use your imagination. (And while you’re there, check out The Closet Works on Pinterest).


Now that you’re using StyleBook to get more out of the clothes you have, you probably won’t need to donate clothes as much. But when it does come time to get rid of clothes that just aren’t your style anymore, thredUP might be able to help. It’s an online consignment store where you can buy brand-name and designer clothes or sell your old ones. After you’ve cleaned out your closet, fill up a bag and mail it to thredUP. If they’re good quality and accepted for consignment, you pay a $10 fee up front.

ThredUP will pay you for certain items as soon as they’re received; for others, payment is sent once they sell. If they aren’t suitable for consignment, thredUP will donate them and cover the cost to mail them away. It’s a great way to keep your closet clean and make a little money selling old clothes in the process.


Eight to 20 characters, symbols, upper and lowercase. Digital security warrants passwords that are more and more complex every year, and it’s hard to keep track of them. However, if you choose not to create and update your passwords, you risk someone hacking into your digital life.

LastPass is a password manager that helps you generate unique, hard-to-crack passwords for every site you log into on all of your devices. It’s a safer way to organize your digital life, rather than using the same password across sites or writing them down somewhere.

These apps can make it a little easier to tackle tasks at work, home or on the go; they can even be a source of inspiration. If you’re interested in taking organization to the next level with custom solutions, reach out to us!

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