Top New Trending Colors for 2023

When it comes to color, it’s always good to have options. The Closet Works is proud to offer a selection of more than 90 colors, finishes, and textures to fit your personal style. These elements work together as part of your home decor, and we believe you should have a large selection when you embark on a custom project with us. We want you to love your organizational system for many years to come, instead of simply settling for it. 

The Closet Works is excited to announce that we’ve recently expanded our color palette to include even more color options for your custom organization solution! 

Get to know the newest additions to our color palette below and see what colors are trending.

Top New Trending Colors of 2023

1. Calm Sea

Calm Sea Perfect Matt Color SampleThis is a color that offers exactly as it suggests—calm. Think of the hues of a blue ocean, but don’t forget all the other greens, browns, and silvers the sea imbues. This color can provide harmony and peace to your décor.

Whether it’s custom furniture or a backdrop for sleek hardware, this color will provide a feeling of soothing relaxation to any space.

2. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus Perfect Matt Color SampleEucalyptus evokes shades of green, gray, and hazy blue-green—all the rich cool colors of the plant that inspires it. If you want to bring nature into your space, incorporating Eucalyptus in your custom design is a great idea. Like Calm Sea, Eucalyptus evokes feelings of serenity and renewal.

3. Sunflower

Sunflower Perfect Matte Color SampleThis bright yellow calls to mind the bright, nodding flowers that symbolize strength and courage. With a hint of orange, this color is warm and inviting, a sure addition to your home’s palette that invites those who enter your space to feel happy.

4. Vanilla Orchid

Whites come in many varieties, and this color falls into the ivory family with a cool hint of purple/blush. This is a lovely contender to balance against dark wood tones and rich patterns. It softens the natural glow of your home’s color scheme.

5. Carte Blanche

Carte Blanche High Gloss Color SampleSimilarly situated in the white/ivory family, Carte Blanche offers a smooth finish against many textures and balances out style and mood. It looks especially inviting against wood grain patterns.

6. Black

Black High Gloss Color SampleA well-known shade that instantly grounds a room’s design, black is solid, dramatic and clear. Though it’s not strictly a color and doesn’t complement others on the color wheel, it provides a bold contrast within the home. 

Used in the right places, black can add dimension, show off quality in design and improve a home’s look.

7. Morning Dew

Morning Dew High Gloss Color SampleMorning Dew is an interesting color within the beige/taupe family. This timeless option can bring a sense of calm within a multitude of spaces. It’s airy and light and freshens your senses. Morning Dew also transforms slightly depending on lighting and time of day.

8. Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun High Gloss Color SampleInterestingly not what it sounds like—this color falls into the gray family. Midnight Sun is a rich blue-gray that suggests depth and richness within your home.

9. North Wind

North Wind High Gloss Color SampleA lovely gray color evocative of the sky with rainy wind. North Wind will add a layer of emotion and texture to your space and heighten the mood.

10. Free Spirit

Free Spirit Tafisa Color SampleThis is an excellent color to liven up your woodgrain space. Free Spirit is a white/ivory light color that encourages brightness and light.

11. Sheet Beauty

Sheer Beauty Tafisa color sampleIf you’ve been looking for a color that will enhance, not overthrow, this is a great one. In the beige/taupe line, it captures an essence of stability and calm. Sheer Beauty looks excellent with all modern décor and strikes semblance and balance.

12. Fashionista

Fashionista Tafisa color sampleFashionista is a lovely brown color that enhances wood-grain tones and adds a spark of warm neutral to your home.

13. First Class

First class Tafisa color sampleMake your home a ‘first class’ statement with this dramatic color. Near dark brown/black, First Class offers a sense of pride and makes a statement in the space it inhabits.

14. The Chameleon

The Chameleon Tafisa color sampleAs its name implies, Chameleon lurks in the gray family of colors and shape-shifts appropriately. Use this color to add ambiance to tired and boring spaces and give a lift as needed.

15. Rhapsody

Rhapsody Tafisa color sampleIn the neutral zone, this color will enliven a tired space and give it new life. Beige/taupe hues always complement any dramatic colors you want to ‘pop’ in your home.   

These colors are just the beginning! Check out our entire collection of color palette options. And if you need some professional help to make your space pop, feel free to reach out to us for a free in-home design consultation.

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