Trending Summer Colors 2019

Looking to kick-start a new home project? Start off with a color refresh from our summer palette. From rustic to modern woods, these are the hottest new shades that will compliment any home.


Stargazer has an aged appearance of a rustic butternut wood species. Primarily grey but with brown tones as well, this tends to fit perfectly with decorative hardware choices like Black and Slate. Offset with a lighter tone like Daybreak to ensure the wood tones of your custom project stand out.

Stargazer is available in a ton of style options. If you’re looking for Contemporary, look for Shaker doors and crown molding. Or opt for more Transitional doors in Beveled Shaker.

Sienna Teak

Sienna Teak is a beautiful wood grain color. At first, the color looks primarily brown, but when looking closer one can see the depth of the color, including the various tones of beige and grey. It pairs nicely with most hardware, specifically Matte Gold, and is really brought to life next to a next to a lighter solid shade like Almondine. Perfect for summer, Sienna Teak also sets the stage for vibrant accents, such as rose and coral hues.

Sienna Teak can be used for many style options, in many different rooms. With a brilliant High Gloss finish, it can be used on any vertical surface. Stylize your wardrobe doors, showcase the color with feature panels, and even use for an eye-catching media center.

Sunset Cruise

Sunset Cruise is another Butternut inspired finish. Just like a summer sunset, this color is composed of beautiful dark tones. Mostly grey overall, but a closer look shows the tan and taupe notes blended in. Deep blue hardware brings color, but keeps it mellow. Really looking to bring out those grey tones? Try coupling with a solid color like Evening Star.

Sunset Cruise looks great for projects large and small, but especially nice on home office shaker doors. This pattern is sure to bring a modern and sleek touch to any project.

Fawn Cypress

Fawn Cypress is a wood species with a casual rustic finish, balanced with a mix of straight grain with full and partial cathedral patterns. The color itself is light brown with shades of dark brown and gold mixed in. This tone looks great paired with most hardware, especially Oil Rubbed Bronze and Matte Gold. When it comes to pairing this wood with another color, we suggest a lighter solid shade like Almondine.

If you are thinking about converting an unused space which is bright with lots of sun into a walk-in closet or sitting room, Fawn Cypress would be the perfect addition to your project.

Summertime Blues

Summertime Blues is the perfect modern hardwood. The color itself is grey, with shades of tan intermixed. Looking to pair this shade with a metal? Try Polished Chrome decorative hardware. Another way to tastefully add this into a new project is with a color like Slate to add nice contrast.

Summertime Blues is available in numerous style options. So whether you’re looking to remodel your laundry room, or are opting for a new home office, this color can do it all.


Beachwood is a Wenge wood species. An attractive color made up of mostly brown hues, with cream and beige graining to add depth. Looking for a way to compliment this color? Try earthy tones or a high gloss shade, such as Alabaster. When it comes to decorating with metals, warm Matte Gold really brings the color to life.

Beachwood is suitable for many different decorating options. Whether you’re looking to outfit your entire closet or create a piece of custom furniture, this color will not disappoint!

White Driftwood

White Driftwood is a warm, bleached pine crafted with distressed straight grain and occasional knots. The color itself is a sandy taupe, with lighter and darker tones throughout. The color looks modern and beautiful against a deeper shade, like Shadows. Also important to note that because of the neutral tone, you can easily add a pop of color for summertime.

White Driftwood works great for many home projects. Personalize it with a gloss or matte finish that would look great to stylize your new wardrobe.

Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze is patterned after an Ovangkol wood species. Just like a walk on the beach, this shade is an attractive sandy beige. This wood can be paired with almost any summertime color for the perfect balance of modern and youthful.

Summer Breeze is a great additional to any home project. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary or traditional style, both can be easily achieved with this color!

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