The Value of Effective Bedroom Closet Design

Effective bedroom closet design does more than keep your clothing and accessories neat and tidy. It’s a genuine home improvement that makes your life better.

The Closet Works has helped many people from all walks of life enjoy the benefits of meticulously well-planned closet space that looks every bit as beautiful as it functions. It’s not just about getting more from your space; it’s about making your closet the best that it can be.

Here are just a few of the myriad benefits that you’ll get when you work with The Closet Works.

Traditional style reach in closet

Custom Bedroom Closet Design Eliminates Ineffective Storage

Older homes have precious little storage space. And while most newer homes have more closets, they’re usually the bare minimum: ineffective and inefficient. Bedroom closet design with The Closet Works maximizes every square inch of the space you’ve got. That means you’ll store more than you ever imagined without making your closet cramped quarters.

Most ordinary closets have a shelf and a bar, and maybe an add-on hanging rack for the back of the door. But a custom closet gives you options such as cubbies, cupboards, shallow and deep drawers, slanted shelves and a host of other choices. You’ll take better care of your things, minimize wrinkling, and keep everything right where it should be.

bedroom closet design with sliding doors

Organization Releases “Feel-Good” Hormones

Disorganization causes stress, and it makes getting ready for the day a harried event. When you choose bedroom closet design from The Closet Works, you’ll get the opposite effect. An organized space encourages the brain to release “feel-good” endorphins. According to Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill, organization reduces anxiety. It makes you feel better and start the day on a positive note.

One of the reasons is that closet organization keeps everything handy and easy to see. If you’ve ever lost an earring from a pair or pulled out a freshly laundered shirt only to find that it needs ironing again, you’ve probably experienced some stress. Choose organization, and you’ll have fewer surprises and waste less time. It will also be easier to keep your closet neat and tidy over the long term, as each of your items will have its own dedicated space.

Walk in closet with double hanging clothes neatly organized

You could add a pre-fabricated closet organizer and perhaps get slightly better function than you have now. But custom organization works so much better, and it’s built to last. We partner with you to create a bedroom closet design that fits with precision and looks as beautiful as fine furniture. It’s permanent, so it adds permanent value. What’s really surprising is that it’s both high-quality and affordable.

Shoe fences in custom built bedroom closet for him

It doesn’t matter if your home is a historic property, sleek mid-century modern, urban loft or newer construction transitional. Our designers come to you, listen to the issues that you want to resolve, evaluate the space, and then work closely with you to create a finished product that looks, feels and performs like it was born there.

Your new custom bedroom closet design will suit your home and unique decor style, and keep your clothing organized. It’s difficult to even measure the value of great storage when it affects your life positively in so many different ways. Download our whitepaper: 5 Reasons Interior Designers Love The Closet Works Inc. to learn more about our process, your choices, and why we’re the best overall value.