Making a Modern Mudroom

An Interview with a Closet Works, Inc. Client About Her Newly Enhanced Space

We believe that every space we work on has a story that our other clients can learn from. Very recently, we worked on a mudroom and entryway that our customer was extremely proud of. So proud, as a matter of fact, that when we asked her to do an interview with us to discuss her experience regarding her project, she jumped at the opportunity. Read on and discover how a mother brought a vision for her family to life with the help of one of our professional space planners.

Modern Mudroom Design

Interviewer: We appreciate your willingness to talk with us, and your passion is infectious. Let’s get started! 

  • We want to focus on the story of your mudroom. What made you reach out to The Closet Works? What did you want us to help you with? 

When my husband and I first purchased the house a while back, we knew we were going to need to make some enhancements here and there. The kitchen, the dining room, and without a doubt, the entryway from our garage. It wasn’t an ideally functional mudroom and with a little girl in the house. I wanted a space that could keep us all organized, whether it was our coats, shoes, rain accessories or other items. The mudroom was not doing that for us so, after doing some research online, I found a modern design similar to what I wanted on I won’t lie – I met with other companies and received quite a few quotes. When I found The Closet Works from (which I’m a member of) I knew I had found my perfect match because of Jennifer Guido, one of your space optimization specialists, and who, of course, became the designer for my project. 

  • What was it about Jennifer that made her different from the designers at the other companies you considered using?

Jennifer was reliable, prompt, and immediately understood my vision: a simple, modern mudroom that was white with plenty of storage space and light. Light meaning that when you walked in, you had tons of natural light, but it wasn’t too ornate or over-designed, either. She and I were on the same page from the get-go, and she made my design ideas come to life. The other vendors that I had talked with didn’t seem to understand what I was looking for or couldn’t give me designs that reflected what I wanted. I enjoyed working with Jennifer. She was communicative, efficient and organized. I could go on, but I don’t want to embarrass her!

Newly Enhanced Space

  • You talked a bit already about having a modern vision in mind when you started looking for a partner. Was there anything specific, such as an item or piece you knew you wanted to include in the space?

I wanted a bench – it seems trivial, I know, but whether it was myself, my daughter or my husband, we needed someplace to sit and put on our shoes. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most rewarding. The concealed storage in the bench with the roll outs allow me to store all of our accessories, and items we don’t use in August, like gloves, winter hats, scarves and the like. I also knew I wanted open shelves for more optimal storage – we’re a grab and go kind of family. The storage bins I purchased to hold our shoes contrast really nicely with the white of the walls and the wall unit – it makes them pop! 

  • The black bins really do work – and I’m not just saying that! The way you and Jennifer collaborated on the space – I’ll just say that it’s a timeless design. What are some of the other features of the mudroom you can discuss? 

I didn’t want a wall that only had storage cabinets – that’s why I love the bench and the open shelves. They break up what could have been monotonous but are functional, too. Every design element has a purpose.

McCarron Mudroom

  • You had mentioned above that you knew when you first moved into your home that there were things about the mudroom you wanted to change. Was anything done to the space prior to The Closet Works installation?

Yes, quite a few things were done to make way for our modern mudroom! Here’s a list of everything:

  • Removed a window from the kitchen that overlooked the mudroom. We made this all drywall.
  • Removed clunky air vents 
  • Moved home alarm system wires
  • Changed the tile floor
  • Updated two doors that lead to the kitchen, as well as from the garage
  • Changed the window trim and the baseboard trim
  • There was an existing closet with sliding doors we gutted

Open Shelves

  • Wow – you had a specific vision, we can tell! We love working with clients who know what they like and want. If you had to describe the style of your home, how would you and would you say the mudroom fits that aesthetic? 

I’m very drawn to the simplicity of minimalistic European & Japanese interior design. The modern cabinets that were installed, in addition to the white slab doors and drawers with the satin nickel bar pulls in the mudroom perfectly match that rest of our home’s look and feel, now. 

If you need help getting organized, whether it’s a mudroom or another space in your home, the good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel! There are professionals at The Closet Works, Inc. who are here to help guide you step-by-step. And with a little assistance, you could be another one of our success stories! 

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