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What makes The Closet Works a better choice than other closet companies?

The Closet Works is one of the nation’s leading closet companies and one of the most unique suppliers of custom closet components anywhere. The company, which commenced operations in February of 1990, was originally founded to provide custom storage solutions for homeowners in the Philadelphia, PA metropolitan region.

We are proud to be independently owned and operated. We are not a franchise and, therefore, have complete control of pricing and product line. Without all of the operating costs that franchised companies have, we can offer superior products at a fraction of the cost to our customers.

There are real and significant differences between closet organizing companies. We greatly appreciate the confidence our customers place in us and we strive to deliver excellent performance in each and every area of our operation. Here are some of the reasons that we believe make The Closet Works Inc. your best choice:

We manufacture all of our products in a state-of-the-art facility located in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, enabling us to closely control both the quality and delivery times for our products.

All of our designs begin with an in depth survey of your belongings as well as an evaluation of your available space. In this way, our designers can ensure each space can be utilized in the manner that best suits your personal needs and tastes, while maximizing the efficiency of the design. We don’t offer stock solutions for your unique storage problems… only truly a custom approach.

We use no subcontractors. All aspects of our process are accomplished by Closet Works’ employees. In this way, we ensure that our quality control is second to none.

Our innovative designs, attention to detail, product quality, exceptional customer service, comprehensive limited lifetime warranty and extremely competitive pricing are so unique that, in addition to our regional area business where we sell directly to the homeowner or business, we currently sell our products to dealers across the United States. This bears testimony to the true value that we provide with over 30 years of growth and success based on our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Unlike most closet companies that offer a few solid colors and perhaps a few additional woodgrains/patterns, The Closet Works offers over 70 solid colors, woodgrains and patterns from which to choose, as well as a selection of door and drawer front styles to match all of our offerings, plus a formidable array of hardware and accessory options which provides the opportunity for true customization for our clients.

And if all that were not enough to distinguish us from our competitors, we also offer the lowest retail price in our market area, guaranteed. Please refer to our low-price guarantee.


Do you have a showroom?

The company maintains a showroom in Montgomeryville, PA, and we invite prospective clients and dealers to visit and experience an exceptional display of custom closets, office furniture, Murphy beds, garage systems, wardrobe units and numerous other storage and furniture products. The company’s ongoing mission is to continue to grow and prosper by coupling our skills and efforts with the latest in technology and innovative design in order provide both outstanding products and exceptional value for our customers.

Our closet showroom is located at 104 B Park Drive, Montgomeryville, PA 18936. Our hours are 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday with weekends and evenings available by appointment.


What is The Closet Works' pricing philosophy?

Our pricing philosophy is very simple indeed; the best product at the best price, all the time and for every customer. We don’t “size you up” like some companies do. We utilize sophisticated design/drafting software which works in concert with our price list so you pay for only and exactly the materials needed for your specific design. When we quote you a price, you can rest assured it is the same price that we would quote to any customer for like work. In our experience, many companies quote a price and then, when told that the price quoted by The Closet Works was 15, 20, 25 or 30% lower, some will then offer to lower their quote. But it is rare that any of our competitors ever meet, let alone beat, our first price. Why would anyone want to deal with vendor who tries to extract the highest price possible from a prospective customer, only to lower their price immediately upon hearing that a better price has been offered? We find such pricing practices abhorrent and believe that our policy on pricing is one of the reasons that The Closet Works designers sell over 75% of all projects they quote!

Our customers truly appreciate our commitment to fair dealing, professional conduct and straight forward policies.

How much does a typical closet cost?

There are many factors that influence the cost of a custom closet system including, but not limited to: the basic design concept, the size of the space, the number of drawers and doors, the material selected and the options that are specified. At The Closet Works, we price each and every part individually in order to accurately determine your cost. Many other closet companies charge by the linear foot which is a method that often results in higher pricing. Shortly after your free in-home consultation, your designer will create a truly custom design and give you our best price, up front, with no built-in padding for haggling purposes. Your designer will work with you to create a design that meets your needs at a price that is most affordable. We play no games at The Closet Works, you get a fair price, a great product and a tremendous value… guaranteed!

How much does it cost for a designer to come to my home?

At The Closet Works, we always offer a free, no obligation, in-home design consultation to our prospective clients. We think it is a privilege to be invited into our customers’ homes to present our products and we never lose sight of that. In addition, unlike many competitors, we will provide our computer-generated design drawings to you so that you can consult with others or compare our designs and pricing to those offered by others. Yes, we want you to compare! An educated consumer is our best customer! We believe in our customers, and we also believe in our company. We feel that when you evaluate all facets in the decision-making process you will agree that The Closet Works offers the best combination of product quality, price, professionalism and service.

How much does installation cost?

Professional installation is always included in our quoted price. While some competitors advertise “free installation this month only”, we think our customers are too smart to be taken in by such an obvious ploy. Do you really want to deal with a company that takes the approach that you think they will install the closet for free? Pricing gimmicks are not our style, simply consistent, affordable prices with no games.

Do woodgrain colors cost more?

Our standard white material is the most economically priced selection. It also happens to be very versatile and often coordinates with existing décor. Alternatively, we offer over 70 other finish and texture options including woodgrain, linen and linear patterns, solid colors and stone- and leather-like materials. All of these are at additional cost solely due to the increased costs associated with the board and edgebanding. In that we buy our materials in great quantities and offer such a wide range of colors, our cost for materials is still typically lower than that of our competitors – which means you are getting a better deal.

What forms of payment do you accept?

In addition to cash and check payments, we also accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX. Additionally, we are proud to partner with GreenSky if you would like to finance your home improvement project.

Products And Services

Do your systems mount on the wall or do they sit on the floor?

We don’t believe that the decision to utilize a floor-standing or wall-mounted system should be based upon what is easiest to manufacture, but rather, that the construction method should be determined by what is most suitable for your unique application. In some instances, a floor-supported system is clearly superior. In other installations, a wall-hung system might be advantageous. Both design considerations and personal preferences should be taken into account. At The Closet Works, we manufacture both types of systems so that your job can be installed in the best possible manner for you, considering all variables appropriately, and to avoid choosing a system based on what might be most convenient for us to make or install.

That being said, a predominant number of our customers choose a floor-standing system because of the increased stability and a greater ability to modify the system in the future, should that be desired, for instance as an infant grows into a teenager or a room is repurposed.

We do not cut baseboards because of the multiple issues associated with that practice. Instead, we notch the panels at the bottom and mount the panels to the side walls.

Do you only design closets?

No way, Jose! At The Closet Works we can organize your life! We offer innovative designs for home offices, laundry rooms, garages, pantries, Murphy beds, media and entertainment centers, libraries, mudrooms, hobby/craft areas… any place in your home that requires organization, better space utilization, or storage.

Do your units have backs?

Typically, as is the case with almost all closet companies, your wall acts as the back of the unit. Backing is an option that can be specified for you at an additional cost and will be clearly detailed on your designs if it is included in your quote.

Do you have accessories for your closets?

Indeed we do! The Closet Works offers the widest range of convenient accessory items available, including, but not limited to:

Tilt-Out HampersWine RacksIroning Boards
Slide-Out basketsJewelry InsertsHooks
Tie, Belt and Scarf RacksDrawer DividersValet Rods
LocksShoe CubbiesCloset Rods
Lazy SusansGarage StorageShoe Fences
TackboardMirrorsOffice Accessories
Drying RacksVertical pull-out systems for all areasSecurity Safes
How can I purchase The Closet Works products if I do not live in your service area?

Please call our office at 215-675-6430 and we will be happy to provide you with the name of an authorized The Closet Works Inc. dealer in your area.


How long will your installation take?

Many of our installations can be completed in a day. All of our installation crews are company employees (no subcontractors), and this generally minimizes both the wait for and duration of installation, except during particularly busy times. Obviously, very large jobs or very complicated jobs require more time. However, please keep in mind that as our craftsmen are installing your closet, they are working to make your installation exceptional. It’s not a race, and we want to get it right for every customer!

Do you paint the closet?

Our policy is to patch holes that we create as a result of any shelves and rods that we must remove. We will spackle the areas we disturb, and if you provide touch up paint, we will touch those areas up. Please note, however, that by no means do we consider this to be a paint job. Most customers recognize and accept that their clothes, once put away in the closet, will cover most of the disturbed areas, and find our solution to be satisfactory. However, those customers who want a truly “finished look” will engage a painter to remove the rods and shelves and prepare and completely paint the walls prior to the arrival of our installation crew. Our policy as stated above applies to walls constructed of drywall. If your walls are plaster, we will have to discuss the situation with you in greater detail. As older plaster, when disturbed, tends to crumble and nobody wants a nasty surprise on installation day.

What do I need before my installation?


Empty the closets, removing all of the contents and everything not attached to the walls prior to the arrival of our installers.

If your closet had shelving, rods and supports when we measured, the installation includes a degree of removal and patching of the walls with spackle. Your designer will indicate if the demolition work is in excess of our “standard” demolition which is included in your price. If you supply touch-up paint, our installers will touch up the patch work only to the best of their ability. Please note that this touch-up is not a full paint job. It is most likely that your walls will not be painted behind existing shelving. If you are planning to paint your entire closet, you will find it easier to do prior to the installation of the closet system and should arrange to have this done prior to our arrival.

Remove all pictures, knick-knacks and the like from adjoining walls as they may be shaken loose during installation.

If there was a baseboard in your closet when we measured, please do not remove or change it. If there was no baseboard, please do not install one without notifying us in advance of installation.

If carpet is to be added to the closet, please have it installed prior to our closet system. It is possible, but not desirable, for carpet to be installed after the closet system but if it is installed first, it always results in a superior finished product.

Please make sure that we have easy access to the to the installation location and that other vehicles, either yours or those belonging to other contractors, do not impede our carrying material to the closet.


If you would like to keep shelving or any of the components we remove, please advise our crew before they begin working and let them know where you would like it to be placed.

Please keep children and pets well clear of the work area.

Our installation crew will build the system as per the plan which was part of our proposal. Any major changes or any additions that cannot be accomplished at the job site will involve additional charges.

Please make sure that someone is home or reachable during the installation that can answer any questions or make decisions regarding placement of accessories. If no one can be home, please tell the installer in advance where you want these accessory items located, if different from placement shown on the plans.

Upon completion you will be presented with an invoice. As per the terms detailed in our proposal, payment of the balance is now due. If you cannot be home when we expect to be finished, please arrange to leave payment or make other arrangements with the office in advance.

Our Guarantee

Does your product come with a warranty?

Yes, The Closet Works offers a comprehensive limited lifetime warranty.

Organizing systems by The Closet Works Inc. are manufactured with the highest quality materials and components to rigid quality standards and exacting tolerances. For transparency, we have our warranty posted on our website as well as included in your Sales Agreement at all times so you know what you’re getting.

How Does the Best Price Guarantee work?

The Closet Works guarantees our retail customers the best price available on any melamine custom closet system. Learn more by visiting our dedicated Best Price Guarantee page.